About Cheese Pairing

Helping you pair British cheeses with your favourite tipple!

This app allows you to pair your favourite British cheeses with your favourite drinks, for ultimate tastiness and enjoyment. Not sure what to marry with that mature cheddar? Unclear what to stick with that Stilton? We’ve got the answers for you; our app can provide you with inspiration and help in creating the perfect cheese partnerships.

Browse through different types of British cheeses and see what combinations work best

Discover more about the flavour profiles of your favourite cheeses and what gives them such a great taste

Learn what flavour notes to match and create the perfect partnerships

Get inspired to create new and exciting cheese boards of the best British cheeses

Find the perfect cheese to pair with your favourite drink or vice versa.

Set up a login to store your favourite matches and ideas, and receive the latest updates from the app

This app was created and is maintained by Dairy UK, whose members have contributed information on their cheeses to create a list of great tasting British cheeses. Dairy UK is a trade association representing the interests of producer co-ops, milk processors, dairy farmers and bottle milk buyers. For more information on Dairy UK please visit our website at: www.dairyUK.org